Se 2200a IIC

February 14, 2017 Zachery L'Italien 0

The Se 2200a IIC is a large diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone. We have 2 of these microphones in studio storage and multiple throughout the production spaces around the department. This mic is versatile and can […]

ElectroVoice DS35

February 13, 2017 Devin Deal 0

The EV DS35 is a cardioid dynamic mic from the 70’s. We have 3 in stock in the Rozsa studio storage, along with multiple other vintage EV microphones. Typically, DS35’s are used for guitar stacks […]

Oktava mk 012 (Modded)

February 10, 2017 Henry Ashburn 0

Modded Oktava mk 012: The modded Oktava mk 012 is a small diaphragm condenser microphone with various caps of different polar patterns.  The cardioid cap was used in these recordings.  Also included in the case […]

Shure SM57

February 8, 2017 Chris Wilson 0

  The Shure SM57 is a dynamic microphone designed for good articulation and clarity for recording vocals and instruments. It is an extremely rugged and versatile piece of equipment to have in your collection. Dimensions […]

Calendar Information

October 31, 2016 vpahubwp 0

General guidlines: You can schedule meetings with faculty, students and staff via google calendars as well as reserve rooms for those meetings. Some guidelines: Some Faculty like an e-mail in advance of the google invite […]

Foley Toys

October 31, 2016 Michael Maple 0

Bag of Sand Where to find: Walker 212, on shelf above cabinets. What you hear:  Hands shuffling through the sand. Recording was captured using a Shure SM7b dynamic microphone, placed 3 inches away from the source. […]

HDMZ Rentable Equipment

October 20, 2016 Andrew Stockero 0

An often overlooked resource within our department, the HDMZ offers various sound equipment available for rent to assist in school projects. VPA Audio Laptop Description: A MacBook Pro with a variety of different audio programs and […]

Sound Recording Engineer Duties

August 26, 2016 vpahubwp 0

The studio is like your second home. Treat it with respect. Clean up after yourself and do not leave the studio a mess. There are quite a few people sharing the space. Show Assignments Show […]

Sound Positions in Theatre

August 26, 2016 vpahubwp 0

Sound Designer: You are in charge of everything. If anything goes wrong it is your fault. If any planning is done or isn’t done in time it is your fault. You are responsible for the […]

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