2663/3663 Career Development Courses

Travel Classes

These are courses that help students connect to the profession and peers outside of Michigan Tech. Students in SFET, SFAT, and SFSD must take:

  • (2) credits of 2663: Students attend the festival or conference, learn from workshops, expos, productions, and practice networking.
  • (2) credits of 3663: Students do all of what they did for 2663 AND they must present their work to professionals.

— Experiences Covered By Course Fee —

These travel opportunities are usually covered by the course fee, except for food. Faculty will arrange for travel, lodging and registration.

KCACTF – Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival

This is a theatre focused, regional festival with productions, workshops, and opportunities for students to present their work.  At the festival the best presentations are selected for a variety of awards including full scholarships to the Kennedy Center National Festival where students get to do design intensives with broadway designers or USITT.  Presentations also allow students to connect with potential employers, and some students have been offered job opportunities based on their work.

KCACTF Region 3

Course: THEA 2663/3663

When to take the class: Fall

When the conference is: Early January, usually before classes start.

Audio Engineering Society (AES) Student Summit in St. Louis

This is a sound focused, regional conference and each year the mix of workshops is slightly different. It usually has lots of studio recording with some live sound, acoustics, film sound, and usually a few other topics. As part of the conference students will submit work to the mix competition which always has great prizes that have included microphones, headphones, software, acoustics products. It is usually a small pile of really great stuff.

As part of the trip we usually tour a regional production company and catch a show.

However, this conference will not count toward 3663 as the competition does not receive a rigorous review or presentation opportunity.

Central Region Audio Student Summit — Audio Aesthetics and Technology

Course: SND 2663 only

When to take the class: Spring

When the Conference is: Spring, usually in March

— Experiences that cost more than the Course Fee —

These opportunities all cost more than the course fee. They are exceptional opportunities, well worth the cost but require financial planning. With receipts you can be reimbursed up to the amount of your course fee for travel, lodging, and registration fees. All of the course fee is your money and we will work with you to keep the overall expenses as low as possible. You may not be reimbursed for any food related expenses.

Audio Engineering Society (AES) International Convention

These are the largest gatherings of audio professionals in the world. There are two each year, one in the US and one in Europe. The topics covered from the top experts are wider than you can imagine, even if you have been before. From low level engineering of new technologies, to studio recording sessions with top engineers, to mastering, to film sound, to video game sound. If it involves sound there will be multiple sessions with the most knowledgable and accomplished people in the world and probably exhibits from a several companies creating products.

WARNING – presentation registration is in the middle of the summer!!!


Course: SND 2663/3663

When to take the class: Fall (presentations must be ready the spring before you register for the class)

WARNING – conference presentation deadlines are in the middle of the summer!!!

When the Conference is: Fall, usually in October

United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) Conference and Stage Expo

This is the place to talk about theatre technology and design. Many manufactures are represented and there are full tracks of programming for each tech/design area, including engineering and architecture.

USITT – A Lifetime of Learning | United States Institute for Theatre Technology

Course: THEA 2663/3663

When to take the class: Spring

When the conference is: Spring, usually in or close to March

Other Opportunities

Sometimes students find important professional development opportunities outside of the normal department trips. In the past these have included film festivals and the Game Developers Conference. Students are encouraged to find activities that connect to their specific interests and the full value of the course fee will be available to reimburse for costs other than food.

Game Developers Conference (GDC)