McArdle Rep Reverb System

December 15, 2023 Grayson Asbury 0

Default Features: Bluetooth: McArdle has a bluetooth input located in soundland. It will play from the reverb system and the gain/mute can be controlled via iPad. They are inputs 105 and 106, and become 103 […]

Enterprises and Student Orgs

May 1, 2019 Andrew Stockero 0

There are many other opportunities to gain hands on experience in the audio and theater fields at Michigan Tech. For those looking to learn more about a specific field or wanting to work as part […]

Stockero Soundscape Generator

December 19, 2018 Andrew Stockero 0

The Stockero Soundscape Generator is a Max patch that when combined with an Arduino (or other external form of input) allows for the creation of an interactive soundscape for display in a public setting. Using […]