Se 2200a IIC

The Se 2200a IIC is a large diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone. We have 2 of these microphones in studio storage and multiple throughout the production spaces around the department. This mic is versatile and can be used for vocals, acoustic guitar, hand percussion, electric guitar amps, etc.

Rotating Anechoic Voice

The Se2200a IIC mic was placed about 6 inches from the monitor. While the male voice file was being recorded, the mic was slowly rotated 360º. With this test we can hear the effects of the mic’s polar pattern on its off axis frequency response as well as its attenuation at different points around the mic.

Male Voice Recording

Photo 1: On axis with the speaker at the beginning and end of the recording.

Male Voice Recording 2

Photo 2: 180º off axis approximately halfway through the recording.

Trombone Sample

For this sample I played trombone with the Se 2200a IIC placed directly on axis with the bell. There are various scales, and notes being played.

Se 2200a IIC Trombone

Photo 1: Trombone played with bell approximately on axis.

Trumpet Sample

For this sample, I played trumpet with the bell directly on axis with the microphone. There are various scales and notes being performed.

Se 2200 a IIC Trumpet

Photo 1: Trumpet played with bell approximately on axis.

Drumset Sample

For this sample, I recorded the drum kit being played with an angle of about 60º from the floor.

Se 2200a IIC Drum kit

Photo 1: Drum kit played with microphone approximately 60º from floor.

Technical Specifications


Se2200a IIC Specs

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