Blue Mouse

The Blue Mouse is a large diaphragm condenser microphone with a cardioid polar pattern. Our department currently own three of these microphones which are all housed in studio storage. The Blue Mouse is recommended for use on lower range vocals, bass guitar and even kick drum.

Rotating Anechoic Voice

The Blue Mouse was placed roughly 6″ away from the Genelec speaker in the recording studio. The mic was then rotated 180˚ while the male voice was played. Once at the 180˚ mark the movable capsule was rotated 180˚ and then brought back to its standard set up. This test shows the polar pattern of the microphone.


Acoustic Guitar

For this test the microphone was aimed off axis at the sound hole of the guitar about a foot away. The test includes individual picking as well as chords.



For this test the vibraphone the microphone was place about foot away from the center of the instrument aimed at the playing surface. Due to this certain notes that were closer to the microphone sound louder than others. The recording starts with muted notes and then proceeds to open resonators.


For this test the microphone was positioned above the upright piano in the band room aimed down into the open top.

Additional Mic Info

Plenty of valuable information can be found on Blue’s website at:

You may also download this copy of the microphone’s manual:

Blue Mouse Manual

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