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General guidlines:

You can schedule meetings with faculty, students and staff via google calendars as well as reserve rooms for those meetings. Some guidelines:

  • Some Faculty like an e-mail in advance of the google invite that explain the topic and allow the opportunity that an quick e-mail response would resolve the issue.
  • In general faculty will only meet with you during normal business hours (9am to 5pm)
  • Some faculty will meet you in the evenings and weekends if they are around with rehearsal or a work call. This would be iffy because that rehearsal or work call comes first but there are usually down times that they may answer a fairly short discussion.
  • You probably don’t need an hour. Google defaults to an hour. It is considerate to reset that to 30 minutes or even 15.
  • Please be prepared for your meetings.
  • If a meeting is declined it isn’t because faculty don’t want to meet with you it was just a bad time. Just choose another time.
  • In general faculty probably don’t want to give up lunch to meet with you. Although, sometimes we will. If you don’t have to schedule at that hole in the schedule that looks like lunch don’t.
  • Use an informative name for your meeting and possibly add description in the event details that helps faculty be prepared for your meeting.

Department Calendars:

Instructions for scheduling:


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