ElectroVoice DS35

The EV DS35 is a cardioid dynamic mic from the 70’s. We have 3 in stock in the Rozsa studio storage, along with multiple other vintage EV microphones. Typically, DS35’s are used for guitar stacks and amps, along with hi-hat, and sometimes raspy vocals. For my test of the EVDS35, I miked a piano, guitar amp, and a trombone, along with the vocal test track.

Vocal Test:Voice Test Mic Placement

For the vocal test, I placed the microphone directly in front of a Genelec speaker, and rotated the mic 360 degrees about its axis to test the polar pickup pattern. In doing so, I found the polar pattern to be quite tight, but the frequency response is very tinny compared to other microphones of higher quality.


For piano, the microphone was placed directly overhead the open back of an upright piano. This sounds remarkably better than the vocal recording, yet still muddy compared to the other mics used in the same setup. (that you see in the picture)



For this test, the mic was placed facing the guitar amp, about one foot away. This was the best recording of the 4 tests, because it smoothed out all the tones and made for a crunchy recording.

Trombone: IMG_0793

For trombone, the microphone was placed facing the bell of the trombone about a foot away. Similar to the vocal recording, I found that the EVDS35 sounded tinny compared to other microphones.

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