RF Guide Book

December 12, 2017 Allen Harrison 0

The RF Guide Book Page Here you will find the RF Guide Book and some other documents to assist the job of RF Run Crew for theatre productions. RF Crew Guidebook This is a PDF […]

Job Prep

December 8, 2017 vpahubwp 0

Resources: Professional Organizations: Audio Engineering Society (AES) United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA) CEDIA Theatrical Sound Designers and Composers Association (TSDCA) Acoustical Society of America (ASA) Additional Training/Certifications: Synergistic […]

VPA Portfolio Websites

September 15, 2017 vpahubwp 0

Sound Portfolio Website References (updated Jan 2024): https://www.usitt.org/student-sound-portfolio-guidelines https://www.palumbosound.com/ – MTU Sound Alum https://www.beccastollsound.com/ – check out the portfolio video, it is awesome https://www.chavolladesign.com/ https://www.bethlakesounddesign.com/ https://www.yanghuhao.com/ https://www.jingsound.com/ https://www.brandonreedsounddesign.com/ https://www.almedabeynonsound.com/ https://www.johnchungsound.com/ From 2016 portfolio class: Henry […]

EarthWorks M50

April 4, 2017 Sam Palumbo 0

The Earthworks M50 is an omnidirectional small diaphragm condenser microphone. Studio storage has two in stock used for Speaker Calibration and Acoustic Testing. This microphone has a very flat frequency response and impulse response. It […]

Guide to VPA Microphones

March 2, 2017 vpahubwp 0

To view a comprehensive list of microphones, visit our Airtable link. The Airtable includes specifications and further information about all of the microphones we have available. Below is a sample of the microphones we have […]

AKG D112

February 26, 2017 Maya Ablao 0

This mic is specifically designed for low frequencies. It has a reputation for being top notch for Bass drums, and guitar. It is best known for its high SPL capability, punchy EQ, and durability.  This […]

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