2663/3663 Career Development Courses

September 6, 2021 vpahubwp 0

Travel Classes These are courses that help students connect to the profession and peers outside of Michigan Tech. Students in SFET, SFAT, and SFSD must take: (2) credits of 2663: Students attend the festival or […]

Student Equipment

April 12, 2019 vpahubwp 0

We find that students who have their own equipment spend more time investing in their education and explore a greater number of creative avenues. Because of that we are dedicating resources to equip students early […]

First Year Advising Info

August 27, 2018 vpahubwp 0

Most Important Information: The Registrar has all of the forms and official degree information you need to graduate. In particular the following pages are very useful: General Education Degree Audits Course Descriptions Transfer Services Study […]

Job Prep

December 8, 2017 vpahubwp 0

Resources: Professional Organizations: Audio Engineering Society (AES) United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA) CEDIA Theatrical Sound Designers and Composers Association (TSDCA) Acoustical Society of America (ASA) Additional Training/Certifications: Synergistic […]

VPA Portfolio Websites

September 15, 2017 vpahubwp 0

Sound Portfolio Website References (updated Jan 2024): https://www.usitt.org/student-sound-portfolio-guidelines https://www.palumbosound.com/ – MTU Sound Alum https://www.beccastollsound.com/ – check out the portfolio video, it is awesome https://www.chavolladesign.com/ https://www.bethlakesounddesign.com/ https://www.yanghuhao.com/ https://www.jingsound.com/ https://www.brandonreedsounddesign.com/ https://www.almedabeynonsound.com/ https://www.johnchungsound.com/ From 2016 portfolio class: Henry […]