EarthWorks M50

The Earthworks M50 is an omnidirectional small diaphragm condenser microphone. Studio storage has two in stock used for Speaker Calibration and Acoustic Testing. This microphone has a very flat frequency response and impulse response. It requires 48V of phantom power to work. The Earthworks M50 should be recalibrated every five years. Other uses for this Microphone is for Foley recording and room/ambient recordings.

Upright Piano Set-Up

Placed the Earthworks M50 in the open cabinet of the upright piano in the band room. Angled the microphone down in the middle of the piano to evenly pick up the strings.

IMG_3132 IMG_3135

Electric Guitar Set-Up

Aimed the Earthworks M50 in the middle of the driver of a Vox amplifier about a foot away. Was testing how it would sound being used to close mike a guitar amplifier.

IMG_3139 IMG_3136

Viola Set-Up

Placed the microphone in an uncommon microphone position behind the player over their shoulder. The viola player was in the middle of the band room without any absorption around him.


Polar Pattern Test

Placed the Microphone a foot away from the left Genelec speaker turning off the right one. Slowly rotated the microphone around to test the polar pattern response.


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