Calendar Information

October 31, 2016 vpahubwp 0

General guidlines: You can schedule meetings with faculty, students and staff via google calendars as well as reserve rooms for those meetings. Some guidelines: Some Faculty like an e-mail in advance of the google invite […]

Foley Toys

October 31, 2016 Michael Maple 0

Bag of Sand Where to find: Walker 212, on shelf above cabinets. What you hear:  Hands shuffling through the sand. Recording was captured using a Shure SM7b dynamic microphone, placed 3 inches away from the source. […]

HDMZ Rentable Equipment

October 20, 2016 Andrew Stockero 0

An often overlooked resource within our department, the HDMZ offers various sound equipment available for rent to assist in school projects. VPA Audio Laptop Description: A MacBook Pro with a variety of different audio programs and […]