RF Guide Book

The RF Guide Book Page

Here you will find the RF Guide Book and some other documents to assist the job of RF Run Crew for theatre productions.

RF Crew Guidebook

This is a PDF booklet about performing the tasks of RF and addresses everything from setting up the RF station, to dressing actors with their mics.  It also instructs the user how to make a RF Bible.  The fillable PDF template is available below.

RF Bible Template – Fillable Form

There is also an RF inventory list and item count list.  The count list is for taking count of items that are used throughout a show, like body tape and skin wipes.  This is to be filled out before and after shows so we know if we need to order any items on the list.

RF Inventory List

RF Pre and Post Show Item Count Sheet

Wireless Microphone Mounting

Good luck with your production and happy mic’ing!


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