Shure SM57


The Shure SM57 is a dynamic microphone designed for good articulation and clarity for recording vocals and instruments. It is an extremely rugged and versatile piece of equipment to have in your collection.

Dimensions – 157 mm (6-3/16 in.) L x 32 mm (1-1/4 in.) W at the widest point

Roses storage – 4 SM57

Studio storage – 1 SM57


Audio file of male vocals recorded roughly 6″ in front of a single Genelec speaker in the Rosza 215 Studio. During the recording, the microphone was turned 360 degrees slowly to get a sense of the on-axis and off-axis sound that this microphone collects. It holds at 0 and 180 degrees to hear the difference between completely on axis to completely off axis.



Recording of a 14″ Pearl snare drum at about 1″ above the drum head.



Recording of male vocals at 8″-10″ away from the microphone.



Recording of Zildjian Turkish cymbals. Mic facing down approximately 20″ above the cymbals.


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