Violin in Rozsa HVAC Storage, Walker 210, and The Isolation Booth

A Violin was played on one side of each of the rooms at Michigan Technological University. The Room sound was recorded with an Earthworks M50 placed in the center of the room pointed up at the ceiling at a height around five feet tall. The rooms recorded were the Vocal Booth, Walker 210, and Rosza Plenum H-VAC Storage.

Walker 210

The Microphone was placed in the center of the room. The MOTU preamp was used. The Violin was played ten feet back from the microphone position.


Vocal Booth

The Microphone was placed in the Booth near to the window. The Grace pre amp was used to record. The violin was standing against the opposite wall.


Rosza Plenum H-VAC Storage

The microphone was placed in the center of the H-VAC vents in Rosza’s basement. The MOTU was used as a pre amp for recording. The Violin was ten feet away from the microphone position.


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