Rozsa 213 CAML – VPA Hub

Rozsa 213 CAML

This room system is operated by the Apogee Quartet (pictured).

Output Settings

Logic Pro X Output Physical Output
1 L
2 R
3 C
4 Sub
5 Rear L
6 Rear R
  • Logic’s surround settings should correspond to the correct outputs.  


The SM7B is the Mic 1 input
The SE2200 is the Mic 2 input and needs phantom power (48V)
– To control gain and phantom power for both microphones you can open the Apogee Maestro app on the computer.

<– Apogee logo to look for

Other Toys

There is an M-Audio TriggerFinger Pro <– linked to manual

  • Can be used for layering anything from sound effects to composing with samples.

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